Top 10 Most Used Android Apps in 2017

 Top 10 Most Used Android Apps 2017

Welcome to our Top 10 List of the Most Used Android Apps 2017 ! When you buy an android device, you wonder where to start from. The list we have created for you will let you know the best apps of the year 2017. The apps mentioned in the list are trending and most of the Android users are using it. We live in a technologically advanced world and there is so much  you can do with your android phone. Although there are hundreds of apps but we have picked out the best for you in the form of an article on Top 10 Most Used Android Apps 2017. Take a quick look!

  1. VSCO CAM  – If you wish to fine tune the pictures in your gallery, VSCO Cam is the ideal app. There is a massive selection of presets in the VSCO CAM app. You can see pictures from all around the world and the way photographers have used presets. The VSCO CAM is free of cost.
  1. Instagram – Do you have too many pictures to share with the world? Instagram helps you connect with your near and dear ones. You can share your pictures, videos and there is live video as well. Many businesses use Instagram to promote their services.
  1. 1 Weather – Some people love getting the weather forecast. For these set of people, there is 1Weather. It will give you the weather report for today and rest of the weeks as well. It acts like weather god! There is a free version but if you want the advanced one, you need to pay $1.99.
  1. Google Maps and Waze – It is one of the best android apps and it very popular as well. It helps you with navigation, traffic status and nearby gas stations or places of interest. This is ideal for those who are not good with navigation or love traveling.
  1. Google Assistant – It is time for you to have your own assistant. Google Assistant is like Cortana or Google Now. You can send texts and also issue certain voice commands. It will help you to stay organized! You can ask questions and Google Assistant will guide you accordingly.
  1. YouTube – Does it need any introduction? YouTube is the most famous app in the world. You can watch millions of videos, post videos of your own and even listen to your favorite music. Instead of buying music, you can listen to your favorite songs on YouTube.
  1. Pocket – Pocket is another app which is very useful. It lets you save something interesting for later. If you are reading a very interesting article on Facebook and you want to read it later in your free time, you can save it for later.
  1. Scribd – Scribd is a very useful app for students. If you wish to get useful material for your projects, you should install the Scribd app. It will give you access to thousands of dissertations, books, ebooks, articles and audiobooks.
  1. Whatsapp – Whatsapp has to be on Number One because it is one of the most used apps. It is the on the first number on the Top 10 Most Used Android Apps in 2017. You can send instant messages to your friends and family through this app. It is fantastic!

Did you like the list of the Top 10 Most Used Android Apps in 2017? You should have these apps on your phone. If you are thinking of buying an android device, these apps will be useful for you. You can chat, read, listen and enjoy! There is so much you can do with your android phone.