Rveal Media TV Tuner & Air Mouse Remote [Android, 4K, Quad-Core]

Get streaming with Rveal, you’ll never have to say “there’s nothing on TV” again. Featuring the biggest selection of movies, shows, sports, apps and much more, it will transform your TV into an endless library of your favorite entertainment for whatever you want to watch, play, listen and do. Experience the option of streaming whatever you want, whenever you want in high definition, both live or on-demand. TV the way you want it as an all-in-one media solution, the Rveal player is packed with thousands of programs and choices for you to enjoy like amazon instant video, HBO, show time, Netflix, ESPN and many more. Customize the interface as you wish with your favorites or the most popular, easy to use it just takes a few minutes to setup and even quicker to begin streaming. Simply plug it in, connect to the internet, and you’re all set. Powered by the web and having no restrictions, the future of television is now here and it comes pre-installed with a ton of content and automatic updates right out of the box. Buy with confidence our goal is to create value and make a difference in the way you watch TV.Go smart, get streaming, turn your TV into a world of online entertainment
Plug, play & enjoy requiring just a basic internet connection, the Rveal player and upgraded remote puts choice and control back into your hands
Big performance powered by android, Rveal combines ease-of-use, automatic updates, ultra HD, quad-core processing and other advanced features